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Unison Research - Unico Series - Unico 50

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The Unison Research Unico 50is a hybrid amplifier. The valves used are the well known ECC82/12AU7, pure class A, biased with precisely regulated heater and high anodic voltage. But in this newly designed amplifier the preamp stage is an independent circuit working as a standalone valve preamplifier. There's no feedback from the power output to the input stage, thus leading to a zero global feedback design! There's no feedback from the output of the preamp stage even! The couple of triodes in the tube are arranged respectively as a common cathode gain stage, followed by a cathode follower low impedance output stage. The following driver stage derives directly from a well known and long time tested topology designed by Unison Research. However, never tired of going further, the technical staff refined the design in order to increase the inner input impedance thus offering a better load to the preamp stage. In this configuration the interface parameters are the same you can find when matching a standalone preamplifier and a power amp.  

Another revolutionary feature involves the power stage design: no more power MOSFETs but power BJTs. The bias control is the usual one, a proprietary design tested a refined with years of experience, driving a couple of medium power MOSFETs in order to offer the best input impedance to the driver stage ensuring high bandwidth and great dynamic range. These are followed by a couple of medium power BJTs driving the power stage: four high current audio bipolar transistors arranged in a mixed npn-pnp configuration. The BJTs employed are especially designed for audio and exhibit high current capability and great reliability; thermally enhanced packages in conjunction with special thermal conductive insulation pads make them the perfect choice for such a demanding design. In order to reduce distortion introduced by inevitable dissymmetry of different devices (even if measurement matched) UR adopted a different approach designing an uncommon topology that ensures perfect equality between the positive and negative side of the power stage mixing npn and pnp devices. Such a refined design can express its best only if supported by an adequate power supply. A no compromise design required a completely dual power layout; both left and right channel are powered by their own toroidal transformer (a 500VA custom designed massive transformer) and an independent capacitors energy storage of 40000uF placed as close as possible to the power devices. This ensures incredible current capability and thus fast, dynamic and precise control of every loudspeaker.
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